Route 66 Related Developments

An overview

Kingman in the News

Alamo Rental Car, new promotion to appear on their website and in their magazine as well as in flyers at Las Vegas rental locations –

Chicago Tribune, travel section, February 13, 2016 –

News 3, Las Vegas, NBC affiliate, February 10, 2016 –

Route 66 News, February 13, Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, Josh Noble designed Route 66 dollars –


Tour Group Visits


Adventure cycling, bicycle tour, April 14 –

Canadian Route 66 Association, Route 66 (Brisbane Australia), UK Route 66 Association, Gilligan’s Wild West Tours (Christchurch New Zealand), May 1 –

Czech Route 66 Association, tentative, May 17 –

German Route 66 Association, tentative, May 19 –

Hop A Long Tours, Norway, tentative, July 16 –

U.S. Bikers, Groningen Netherlands, September 11 –

National Route 66 Motor Tour, September –

Open Road Productions Tour, October –


Developing Media promotions


Josh Noble facilitated meeting and area tour for La Figaro, French magazine –

Josh Noble facilitated meeting and area tour for contingent of foreign travel journalists and tourism representatives –

KAAA/KZZZ, live from Kingman, 3-hours every Friday morning beginning at 7:00, Mike Wagner producer. The program features segments on Route 66 related developments, city developments, and real estate. In the first two episodes content included interviews with Liza Noland, Ignite Marketing and developer of Kingman Circle, Roger Naylor, author, John McEnulty, owner of Grand Canyon Caverns, Bill Thomas, city manager in Atlanta, Illinois, Jan Davis, Historic Route 66 Association of Arizona, Jen Miles, Kingman City Council, and Scott Dunton, president of Route 66 Association of Kingman –

Plans call for the Route 66 segments to be developed as a podcast –

International distribution of Ramada Kingman press releases pertaining to updates and promotions –


Current Historic district and route 66 corridor promotion


Kingman Downtown Merchants Association – Wine, Beer & Chocolate Walk, February 20 –

Route 66 Association of Kingman monthly meet & greet, Sportsman’s Bar, February 10. March meet & greet date and location not set –

An Armchair Tour of Route 66 presentation by Jim Hinckley, Route 66 Association of Kingman fund raiser, January 16. Featured in Route 66 News –

Walking tours of the historic district, Vayable Tours,

Walking tours of the historic district, Ramada Kingman packages –

Ignite Marketing’s Kingman Circle, a pooled resource marketing initiative to promote the Kingman area with 22 member businesses as of February 13. The initiative has reached 75,000 people in the previous week and garnered 1,200 likes on Facebook,

Jim Hinckley’s America: Kingman, Arizona & 160 Miles of Smiles –

Route 66 Association of Kingman 66 Celebrates 90 initiative, ongoing series of press releases pertaining to updates and progress, Facebook page, website – – expansion

Pending developments with potential for promotion


Legacy signs is relocating to the downtown historic district and expanding operations to include restoration, reproduction, and creation of neon signs –

Linking of Jim Hinckley’s Route 66 Chronicles to the Kingman Circle website –

Formal dedication of the Running Hare with plaque –

Jim Hinckley presentations at the European Route 66 Festival –

Route 66 Walk of Fame expansion and dedication –

New neon sign for Mr. D’z Route 66 Diner –

Photo kiosks for the Route 66 corridor and historic district –

Ramada Kingman Route 66 photo contest –

Completion of façade renovations and upgrades to Beale Celebrations –

Route 66 Association of Kingman in cooperation with Lomeli Garden Arts “adopt a bench” (custom bench initiative) –

Sara Peterson led initiative to renovate the historic State Theater to utilize the facility for a performing arts center as well as classic movie venue and a fund raiser hosted by the Route 66 Association of Kingman –

Chilin’ on Beale, including the Route 66 Association of Kingman sponsored Cinema under the Stars, promoted through packages developed by Ramada Kingman, Kingman Area Tourism, and state tourism office –

The Ramada Kingman/Route 66 Association of Kingman 160 Miles of Smiles marketing campaign –

Opening of new tours at Grand Canyon Caverns in March –

Participation in the Best of the West on 66 Festival by Dries and Marion Bessels of the Dutch Route 66 Association –

Negotiations with the Burlington, Northern & Santa Fe Railroad for restoration of parking along the railroad right of way, the installation of custom iron fencing, and a botanical walk way connecting the Powerhouse Visitor Center with the depot –

The opening of the Splash Pad –

The Route 66 Association of Kingman fund raising initiatives for the Veteran’s Sportsman’s Alliance –


Proposal to link historic preservation with economic development


Based on conversations with Larry Clonts, economic development director in Shamrock, Texas, and Bill Thomas, Atlanta, Illinois city manager, last October at the Miles of Possibilities Conference in Edwardsville, and assistance provided as a consultant to the Route 66 Association of Kingman for the development of that organizations 66 Celebrates 90 initiative, Ramada Kingman, and Grand Canyon Caverns, I have proposed to Bill Shilling, the Route 66 Association of Kingman, and select individuals that a small working group be established. The primary goal for this group would be to create a detailed plan for an initiative to link historic preservation with economic development, and to find a mechanism to fund the proposed initiatives.

I recently accepted a position with the Kingman historic preservation committee. However, as envisioned, this group would not work to replace the committee but instead to assist it by working in a hand in glove fashion.

The first step in creating a detailed plan would be to evaluate initiatives developed or under development by Bill Shilling, previously developed proposals for revitalization submitted to the city, and successful programs implemented by communities such as Albuquerque that drafted a detailed development outline for that cities Route 66 corridor in 20012.

This initial stage would also include discussions with the individuals who spearheaded development of these plans or their implementation. As an example, Bill Thomas in Atlanta, Illinois, has been a leader in the revitalization of that community through a series of successful initiatives. In a recent interview he confirmed that the city has experienced an average of 40% increase in sales tax revenues in the previous three calendar years. In addition, the towns small business district has went from a near 90% vacancy rate to single digit.

Where possible people such as John Cook who wrote previous proposals for the City of Kingman would also be contacted. While their initial proposals may be outdated, they may be able to provide insight that would expedite the overall process.

The third component in the foundational stage of this group would be to seek advice and draw assistance from the Route 66: The Road Ahead Initiative. This innovative initiative that began as joint endeavor between the National Park Service and the World Monuments Fund is currently being solidified as an Illinois based 501c3 organization that will serve as chamber of commerce for the entire Route 66 community by providing educational, marketing, and revitalization information as well as templates for development.

This proposed group could also expedite revitalization that in turn fuels economic development by compiling a list of structures to consider for demolition and businesses in the historic district and along the Route 66 corridor that would benefit from façade renovation initiatives, and incorporating this information into the overall plan.

The finalized proposal submitted to the city as a template for economic development centered revitalization would not have a myopic focus on historic preservation. Instead it would include detailed examples on how the repurposing of historic structures can be linked to modern technologies such as solar power, programmable solar powered sidewalks, 7-D projectors, urban green spaces, and bicycle corridors.